• We all have fears.

    I’m learning to live with someone who seems more like a stranger with each passing day. “People change” , or so they say. How ironic, particularly when they say don’t marry someone whose flaws you can’t accept because people don’t change. Do change only happen for the worse then? Or have I drawn the short […]

  • The one who will never read this.

    Well, I do have a sentimental side, which I try hard to suppress and in many a maladapted way of coping, I can become highly strung- either breaking down or taking the extreme and becoming intensely hostile. – TIP: acknowledge, accept, validate- i.e. there’s no need to feel ashamed or beat yourself up about it. […]

  • Unleash your inner strength

    Today, I would like to affirm that each and every one of us has the inner mettle to power through tough times. We may have been led to believe we are victims – whether of circumstances or at the mercy of others. Eg we may have faced multiple setbacks and each led us to question […]

  • Connected, but unaffected.

    Being an advisor definitely doesn’t mean I don’t suffer from distress or that life doesn’t throw me curve balls; in fact, the reason for my mental toughness stems from the very fact that I have suffered way more setbacks than I can (or care to) keep track. It’s also a myth that we don’t heed […]

  • Show up.

    When it gets overwhelming, our first fight or flight response, at least for me, is to flee! Or avoid. It’s common, and I tell my clients it’s normal. We don’t have to feel ashamed, but we can recognise that it need not be such. There are methods to break things down into manageable chunks, and […]

  • It will be tough, but we are tougher.

    Trigger Alert. Sensitive Material. Last night, I worked though some issues with my client who was clinically depressed and had multiple inclinations to give up. (S)he was going through a particularly challenging period in life that threatened to eclipse the good work and habits that s(he) once built up. We need to recognise and appreciate […]

  • Happy being basic

    Ah, queries- why this plain site, are you not adept with tech, or the world of influencers? Trust you me, I’ve higher learning certifications on law and technology, which among others, power BI, website creations. This site is kept intentionally bare and low key. In this already cluttered world, fancy flashy images and sounds bombarding […]

  • “But, it still hurts”

    Yes, our feelings , energies, may, and can fluctuate. Sometimes, wildly within a day. Just like the stock market. Some individuals get more affected – the sensitive, irrational ones, the logical cool ones will proclaim. “Think positive, keep calm, deal with it, grow up, move on.” Etc These remarks, even if well- intentioned, may and […]

  • You are going to be just fine.

    Yes, you my dear reader. And so it begins. The inaugural post, I’m sure people fret , edit, fret more and probably delete the post, yet this raw piece, with all its flaws shall grace this website. It’s not to show that I’m disorganised, but intentional, that it’s alright not to know exactly what you […]

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